French Fries Wars!

Many armed conflicts are raging in the world and millions of people are subject to daily brutality, even death  due to two or more groups  expressing hatred toward other humans, but recent events in Belgium and France display a new form of war that previously has not been seen in human history. This conflict entails the mystery as to which nation is entitled to the honor of inventing the “trite” which most know as a French fry. Belgians insist the fry was invented by the people of Namur in the 17t century. French historians claim to have found  evidence that as early as 1789 there are accounts of the frite being sold in Paris.

Of course, the modern fry was not exactly what was being sold two hundred years ago. And, of course, the old version was not like the McDonalds version. I wonder why anyone seeks to claim ownership of a food that has helped send so many people to an early grave??