French Government Initiates Talks With Hamas

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, confirmed that his government had been in contact with Hamas officials. His representative in talking with Hamas is a retired ambassador who has told the media of his contacts. “It would be difficult to deny it(talks with Hamas) since the man who is in touch with them has spoken.” Kouchner emphasized, that “having contacts is necessary. We had some before the invasion(takeover of Gaza)” by Israel forces. The French Foreign Minister pointed out the obvious, “they are not relations, they are contacts. We have to be able to speak to each other if we want to play a role, if we want our emissaries to go to Gaza.”

France’s former ambassador, Yves Aubin de La Messuziere, told Le Figaro, Hamas officials had repeated to him their offer of a long term accomodation with the Jewish state if Israel agrees to the 1967 borders. Hamas officials told him, “they were prepared to stop suicide attacks and what surprised me was that the Hamas leaders recognize the legitimacy of Mahmoud Abbas.”

If a nation does not accept the necessity of discussing issues with an enemy how will it ever be able to change policies in order to reach an agreement?