French Hypocrisy Or French Freedom?

The world is experiencing a severe economic crisis, there are terrorists blowing themselves up along with innocent people, and the government of France is focused on women veils as the critical issue confronting humankind. President Nicolas Sarkozy affirmed his belief that all people in France had freedom to worship and he would fight to defend that right. He insisted his administration would fight to prevent Muslims from being stigmatized. However, when it comes to the issue of Muslim women being able to wear the burqa or niqab, “I will not allow anyone to lead my country down this regressive path.”

He attacked the very nature of women wearing the veil and charged, “behind the veil hid scandalous practices that are contrary to our history” and made clear he is determined to”wage a controlled political battle against fundamentalism.” The French legislature passed laws making it illegal for women wearing the veil to enter public institutions although some MPs wanted the ban to include public appearances.

I am glad President Sarkozy is concerned about “scandalous practices” and I assume he will now ban allowing Catholic priests to enter churches given the fact some priests have engaged in scandalous practices. The reality is fewer than 2,000 Muslim women wear either the burqa or niqab, a lot fewer than men and women wearing face covering helmets while driving motorcycles. Grow up France, if you really are worried about religious scandals, head for the nearest church!