French Journalist Beaten In South Africa

French journalist Sophie Bouillon claims she was pepper sprayed by South African police and together with her boyfriend from Zimbabwe put in jail. The story has received a huge play in French newspapers which are still recounting a different story from British actress Victoria Smurfit, who described coming within inches of death while in a taxi cab which was hit by gunfire. According to the actress the shooting was part of a gang activity in Cape Town termed, “Kill-a-Tourist-Day” by gangs which supposedly engage in this gun free play as either a joke or part of some initiation ceremony. MS. Bouillon is a winner of the French equivalent of the American Pulitzer Prize. According to her version the police disliked that a white girl was dating a black man.

The couple were pulled over and told by police they lacked a special registration number required of foreign drivers. When her boyfriend expressed lack of knowledge concerning the law, the policeman responded with, “So, you Zimbabwean, you think you know South African law better than me?” This suggests the presence of considerable anger toward the over one million people from Zimbabwe who have fled to South Africa to escape the brutal regime of Robert Mugabe.