French Police Capture Notorious Niqab Criminal!

The people of France can sleep easy tonight after news of the capture by alert French police of the notorious niqab thief who wanders the streets of Paris and other cities veiled from all to see, but the small clique of her fellow niqab lovers. She was found driving on a road in France while wearing the symbol of the Niqab gang– a veil which has a slot to see. Initially, the police were uncertain as to whether this was a he or a she member of the gang, but once they checked carefully in the car it was apparent the he was really a she. The Niqab thief was fined $50 and warned not to appear on the road of beautiful France which insists all be allowed to gaze at the face of women, whether they be gorgeous or the other kind. French President Sarkozy hailed the bravery of French police who did not fear that removing a veil might unleash forces of danger.

At the police block which detained the car, a motorcycle man arrived bedecked in his helmet which prevented anyone from seeing his face. But, since he is a member of the Motorcycle gang, he was not detained or fined. After all, who the heck wants to see the actual faces of these bearded characters?