French Prime Minister Contradicts President Sarkozy On Iran

During the past forty eight hours, statements by President Sarkozy of France and its Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner have suggested the possibility of engaging in war with Iran. Today, France’s Prime Minister, Francois Fillon, argued against even thinking about war with Iran. “Everything must be done to avoid wars.. France’s role is to lead towards a peaceful solution of a situation that could be extremely dangerous for the rest of the world.” His words were echoed by Mohamed El Baradel, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, who said “we need to be cool and not hype the Iranian issue.”

It becomes increasingly clear President Sarkozy of France is a European version of George Bush. He runs around saying wild things in order to come across as tough. Sarkozy reportedly offered to provide Germany with atomic weapons only to be firmly rebuffed by Chancellor Merkel. Today, Martin Jaeger, speaking for Germany’s Foreign Ministry said diplomacy is the only option, “all other options are not up for discussion.” Unless Sarkozy calms down, he will create a deep diplomatic split in the European Union.