French Raise Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy theorists do not know any national boundaries, they can not be identified by intelligence, knowledge, sex or religious belief, they simply are bound together by the basic principle that nothing that is, really is. For some, we humans are merely toys in an alien video game or those in charge of our societies are really agents of sinister aliens from the planet of XUL. The French conspiracy media is ranting and raving about an American plot to destroy the presidential candidacy of Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Socialist MP Jacques Lang, wants to know why bail was refused to Strauss-Kahn. “It is not unthinkable that certain judicial officials, the prosecutor in particular or the judge were driven by a desire to take down a Frenchman, a Frenchman who is, moreover, well-known.” Another Socialist MP, Jean-Marc Ayrault, raised the question, “we know there is a victim in this affair, but we don’t know yet if the victim is the plaintiff or the accused.” Another political leader, Robert Badinter, argued that Strauss-Kahn already had been “executed by the media.”

We admit the media is functioning in its normal fashion of destroying the accused. Frankly, they would take this approach even more drastically if the accused was an American politician. We hate to inform French political leaders, but few, if any, members of the New York City DA’s office have the slightest knowledge as to who the hell is Strauss-Kahn or what the hell is the IMF! Fellas, this is America, we don’t know squat about European leaders, political parties, and we sure as heck never heard of Dominique Strauss-Kahn!