French Vs American Due Process

I detest Dominique Strauss-Kahn even though he has yet to be convicted of any crime. I assume, based on his past record of female complaints concerning his groping and touching and violence, that if a woman says the twerp is perp then it must be so. The French government and people have a different slant on the concept of “presumed innocent.” The American “perp walk” in which someone accused of a crime is led through the streets in handcuffs while the media takes pictures, yells questions and makes certain any viewer knows this is a guilty man has shocked the people of France. There was outrage among all along the political spectrum at the spectacle of an unshaven and dishevelled man being dragged by members of the New York City police before the eyes of the world.

The foreign media should make Americans rethink our approach to those accused of crimes. I think Strauss-Kahn is a douche bag, but even douche bags should be considered to be innocent men until convicted. Strauss-Kahn claims he has an alibi, let it be heard and let it be investigated before we decide this is a guilty man. We Americans have accepted torture in the name of security, and now we insist because Roman Polanski skipped bail then Strauss-Kahn is not entitled to bail.

It is time to return to the Constitution and put aside our emotions.