Friendly Amish Cut Hair

Republicans like Sarah Palin or Ron Paul or Michele Bachmann or the man from Texas insist the federal government should get out of the lives of ordinary Americans and allow local populations to decide what is best. The leader of an Amish group is accused of having two of his followers to enter the home of another Amish man and cut his hair. Sam Mullet who ordered the barber activity insists: “we know what we did and why we did it. We excommunicated some members here because they didn’t want to obey the rules of the church.”\

I assume at the next Republican debate Herman or Sarah or Mitt or Rick or someone will defend the right of  members of a church to cut the hair of a fellow member they do not like. For example, suppose a member of the church does not wish to go hunting! Wow! Why not cut off  his hair on top, shave the hair off his body and prove to the world that a real he-man WANTS to hunt!

Off with the hair of all Muslims is what I say!