Friendly Neighbors

Every so often a story emerges which, in one way or another, represents something about the state of America in 2014. We are members of a society which is daily and nightly besieged by commentators ranting and raving about evil strangers who must be resisted. State after state is passing laws which entitle anyone, for any reason, to Stand Your Ground against a threat to your person or property. Maria Moreta Folch lives in St. Augustine, Florida and decided that a neighbor was a threat to her life. The neighbor, Maria Gottfried has absolute no memory of any negative encounter with Ms. Folch, she thought they were friendly neighbors, but this is America in which one is guilty of being evil because Fox News or any citizen states you are a “threat.”

Ms. Folch went to a heavy equipment company and told them she wanted her mobile home destroyed because she was moving away. They proceeded to destroy it. Alas, it turned out the home being wiped out was that of Mr. Gottfried. When police questioned Ms. Folch she insisted her neighbor was “unsavory” and had broken into her car. Evidence? Nothing in particular was produced, but this is AMERICA! And, damn it, I have a right to Stand My Ground. I also have the Constitutional Right to ground your home into the ground!!

Ms. Folch is charged with criminal mischief, a third degree felony.