From Benghazi To Boston

Members of the Republican party are not particularly interested in events that led to the death of five thousand Americans in Iraq, but when it comes to the death of FOUR people in the city of Benghazi then they are aroused. OK, so a few die in a war that had no meaning, but when four people die while Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State then someone must be punished. Naturally, since the Boston Marathon occurred during the administration of a Democrat, then it is once again clear if a Democrat leads the nation that person is responsible for any deaths that happen.

Republican congressmen want to know who knew what, when did they know i t and why didn’t they thwart the Boston Marathon bombers. Russian authorities asked the FBI to check on the boys. Of course, they asked the FBI to check on dozens of other people and those inquiries led nowhere. Each day thousands off pieces of information arrive in the US, it is impossible to be correct on each piece of data. In the real world, mistakes occur.

I understand the invasion of Iraq in search of non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction was really a great victory for George Bush. I did see the president on the deck of an aircraft carrier proclaim victory.