From Democracy To Autocracy?

During the past two decades Turkey was used as an example of how moderate Muslims could create a democratic society in which people of various religions and political beliefs lived in harmony with one another. However, the past few months have witnessed the removal of hundreds of police, judges and prosecutors from their jobs and replacement by those who represented the interests of the government of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan. Over eighty scholars in America sent a message to Turkey urging the end of its current purge of those investigating bribes, corruption and crime that identified important members of the Erdogan administration as culprits. The scholars urged President Obama to speak out for a halt noting there are “threats to take Turkey from an imperfect democracy to an autocracy.”

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdog rejected these charges arguing the removal of hundreds of police, prosecutors and judges who were involved in these investigations was simply a normal changing of the guard. Yes, now we await completion of the investigations and charges brought against members of the government. We suspect this will be a long time to occur.