From Fear To Pity

Jean-Claude “Baby Doc”Duvalier was the son of among the most brutal dictators in the world and son attempted to emulate dad, but to no avail. He was forced to flee Haiti in 1986 and then his sorrowful tale of wandering began. He arrived in France with millions of stolen dollars only to be frigidly received. He remained on in France when no other country would even allow him entry. At first, he enjoyed a high life living on money he had taken from his native country, but eventually the money was gone, his wife had gone and the decrepit little man lived on in poverty and pity. Old time supporters gave him handouts and he lived in one hotel after another until being given an apartment. For some strange reason, the little man decided to return home to devastated Haiti.

No one knows why “Baby Doc” is home. No one knows what is in his mind. Most probably, visions of those days when he had millions and was looked up to as someone important. Haitian police are most probably asking him to leave the premises. There is nothing more sorrowful than a man who once was feared and now is reduced to pity. Send him back to Paris and his two room flat.