From Iraq Projectiles To Oakland Projectiles

Kayan Sabehgi served in the United States military in both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his service there were always threats from enemy projectiles which could send him to an early death. Alas, little did he know the enemy was not in urban areas of Iraq nor in the mountains of Afghanistan, but back home in the  lovely American city of Oakland. OK, so I am exaggerating by describing Oakland as lovely. Mr. Sabehgi was walking along 14th street in Oakland, not in an OWS group, when police halted him and demanded what the hell he was doing walking along a street in Oakland.

Several police approached this veteran of wars, told him to get the hell out of the area and when he was slow in moving, they hit him on the legs, arms, and back with a baton. He fell to the ground in pain, was dragged and then thrown in a police van. After several hours in the van, he was taken to jail. Mr.Sabehgi was in such pain that he actually crawled on the cell floor crying for help.

The bottom line is that a veteran of wars overseas wound up with a lacerated spleen, courtesy of Oakland occupying  police. Oh well, Veterans Day is this week. Little did we know veterans would be wounded in America!