From Kremlin Critic To Insider

Prime Minister Vladmir Putin has never forgotten the basic rule of any dictatorial regime-it’s easier to buy them off than to fight them off. Former Union of Right Forces head Nikita Belykh who has been fighting to restore democracy in Russia has decided it is a lot more comfortable being on the inside than the outside. He has been appointed Governor of the Kirov region by President Medvedev. Belykh said he was accepting the appointment because it was “very interesting from a professional point of view” and it is a “big challenge.” Of course, it is a big step upward to a position of power. He also believes those who are fighting the Putin-Medvedev clique are really not going to get power in the coming years.

Putin is a clever semi-dictator who comes across as a man of the people and who uses thugs to carry out the dirty work of power by getting rid of those who might cause trouble. Belykh said he met with a key government leader and they discussed “my cooperation with the authorities within the executive power.” Welcome to the club, Nikita.