There are those who scoff at the ideas of human evolution. This group now has proof of the absence of evolution in our human lives–announcement by Michele Bachmann that she seeks the nomination of the Republican party for president of the United States. A political party which gave America, Abraham Lincoln, now is prepared to offer up to society Michelle Bachmann. Of course, her defenders argue:

1. Lincoln was a lawyer, she is a lawyer.

2. Lincoln had children, she has a hell of a lot more.

3. Lincoln was married, she is married.

4. Lincoln was sort of a Christian, she is one devout worshipper of Jesus.

5. The nation in 1861 had a crisis, the nation today has a crisis.

Of course, there are a few slight differences:

1. Lincoln was a man of compassion who worried about the poor. Michele only has compassion for the rich.

2. Lincoln pushed through the first income tax, Michelle regards Lincoln as a SOCIALIST!

3. Lincoln used the federal government to help finance the intercontinental railroad. Michelle is against government action unless it reduces taxes on the wealthy.

4. Lincoln always spoke with compassion for his enemies(read Gettysburg Address), Michele spews hate.

5. Lincoln wanted to bring Americans together, Michelle only wants the wealthy to be together robbing the nation.