From Mouth Of Israel Village Idiot!

I admit to believing that Michele Bachman is an idiot, but in all fairness to the ignorant lady from Minnesota, she is surpassed in stupidity by the Israel Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman. A few years ago, this excuse for a diplomat deliberately insulted the Turkish ambassador to his nation but deliberately giving him a low chair in his office. Avigdor was asked by an American diplomat to consider apologizing for the death of nine Turkish citizens during the ill fated flotilla to Gaza. Here is what A DIPLOMAT responded:

“The Pakistanis asked the US to apologize and the Americans said, ‘no way.’ So when the US asked Israel to apologize over killing nine Turks,” then “sometimes even to the best of friends you must say, ‘no.’ Why, “otherwise no one will respect you.” In other words, if you took my toy, I will take the toy of someone else, otherwise no kid will respect me.

Who is this man?How could any nation of the world make him their foreign minister? He belongs in a play pen with the other children. And, this is the man Israel wants to represent their nation??