From WMD To Missiles In Poland-Bush Ideas!

Five years ago, President Bush used the threat of WMD in Iraq as the rationale for invading that nation and beginning a war that continues to this day. Last year, the Bush administration informed the world that ‘rogue states’ like Iran and North Korea were preparing to launch missiles against Europe and the United States which made necessary building missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic. At one point, Russia offered to allow such bases to be built on its territory and have them jointly controlled by Russia and the United States, but Bush rejected the offer insisting the bases must be built in Poland and the Czech Republic. Once again, American representatives told this fairy tale to the Russian government. The Russian response was a sensible, “Russia is read to cooperate with the United States on European security but considers the proposals that were sent insufficient. We will not give our agreement to these proposals, and we will speak to the new administration.”

Perhaps, someone can explain why Iran would send missiles across the Ukraine, across Russia, and across Poland headed to who knows where! If the problem is European security, shouldn’t the EU do the building? Why the United States? The missile bases are aimed at one nation–Russia and its government is correct to reject these ridiculous American proposals!