Fruit Of Sochi?

From day one of the Winter Olympics this blog argued that President Putin should have been informed that if his nation wanted to host the games then it had to end restrictions on homosexuals and allow freedom of speech. He would have declined the challenge, but it would have made him painfully aware that to violate human rights it also might result in punishment of Russia. Nothing was done to make him aware there are limits to his power, he became even bolder as a result of Sochi and now there are reports of Russian troops in the Çrimea and even seizure of airports by pro-Russian supporters. Oh, President Obama and European leaders issued protests about not violating the sovereignty of the Ukraine. The Ukrainian government protested, but, heck, if the world could not prevent passage of anti-homosexual laws, how can they expect to prevent Putin from taking over the Çrimea.

There will be protests, there will be resolutions, there will be warnings, but Russia will proceed and make the Crimea a part of their nation. The legislature already has passed a law in Russia which allows any area which votes to join Russia to be allowed in provided it does not have a “legitimate government.!”