Fruits Of Anti-Muslim Hatred

The path to murder and hatred began in a playground when two people became engaged in a dispute over a swing. In the normal course of events, it was a minor issue that most probably would have disappeared from the consciousness of either individual. But, Alexander “W” was a jobless carpenter who was of German Russian background and harbored extreme anger towards those of the Muslim faith. He regarded Muslims as monsters who should have been deported from Germany after 9/11 and was shocked that any German would seek to associate with people of an inferior race.

At the playground, Alexander W was sitting on one swing while his niece was on the other. Marwa al-Sherbini, an Egyptian living in Germany, who wore a headscarf, approached the man and asked if her son could use one of the swings. Alexander flew into a fury of invective shouting curses at her and made clear he did not want his niece next to a piece of trash. Bystanders called police and shortly after Ms. Sherbini filed a slander complaint.

At the trial, Alexander W continued his liturgy of hate toward the Muslim woman and finally during a break, he took out a kitchen knife and lunged at the woman repeatedly stabbing the pregnant Ms. Sherbini. It was over within a few moments and the woman was dead. The newspapers reported the story, the man was undoubtedly mentally disturbed, although his words of hate can be heard in any German city and quite often even in government offices.

A woman is dead. Her baby will never be born. A man continues to hate. Unfortunately, this single man is not the only one with such violent feelings toward Muslims in Germany.