Fruits Of Austerity

There are conservative Republicans –of course, at this point, there are no other kind– who preach the mantra of reducing government expenses in order to save this nation.  Mayor Chris Doherty of the fair city of Scanton, Pennsylvania, is determined to provide evidence that a city can be fiscally responsible. He ordered that all city employees–including police and firemen– have their salaries reduced to the minimum wage–$7.25 an hour.

Of course, earning the minimum wage provides each worker with over $1200 a month. Certainly, if a family is fiscally responsible and cuts out all that food stuff, and moves into a one bedroom apartment,  a pleasant life can emerge. Scranton has a deficit, which does not allow raising taxes on the wealthy. Why tax the wealthy when there are plenty of cops and firemen and such who can work for $300 a week.