Fruits Of Bushism Become Obamism

Thee was high expectation after election of Barack Obama that search for the truth would guide America in examining wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2001, a young Canadian born 15 year old boy, Omar Khadr was involved in fighting on the side of the Taliban since his father had brought him to Afghanistan. He was in a battle and someone in the compound where he was threw a grenade that killed an American soldier in the course of fighting. A report at that time written by Lt. Col. W said the person who had thrown the grenade was dead and Omar was the only one left alive. Shortly after, W changed the version to say that Omar was the one who threw the grenade. In 2004, a commando, known only as OC-1 said he had killed the men who threw the grenade.

Omar Khadr is on trial for killing an American soldier. The United States of America initiated a murder trial against a fifteen year old boy who, according to official sources at the time of the incident, did not kill anyone. Now, the Obama administration, to their shame is seeking a plea bargain of five more years in jail, in addition to the eight already served.

Whatever happened to Constitutional law professor, Barack Obama?