Fruits Of Gaza Blockade–Terrrorism!

Ten, fifteen, twenty years ago, it was common for Arabs from Gaza to work in Israel and then return home. Sobhi Haman, age 61, fondly recalls working on an Israel Kibbutz where he interacted with Jews, swam and ate with them. Now, he is trapped in Gaza without any hope to work in Israel and share life with Jews. His son, age 21, who has never left Gaza, states without any doubt about Israelis: “they’re the enemy, without exception.” Of course, he has never had the opportunity for any work or social interaction with Jews and thus they are the enemy, forever. Hamdi Shaqquna of Gaza’s Palestinian Center for Human Rights, points out the consequences, both for Israel and Arabs: “we have had a whole generation that has no chance to see the other, whether that other is an Israeli, European, another Palestinian, anyone!”

The Israel government argues by having a travel ban it prevents terrorists from entering Gaza. Of course, the other result is to transform peaceful people into terrorists–inside Gaza!!