Fruits Of Israel Gaza Action-Division In Arab League

An intelligent Israel foreign policy would seek to create a consensus within the Arab League in order to support moderate Arab nations to establish peaceful relations with its enemy. However, Israel is led by short-sighted inept individuals who place emphasis on short term goals–and winning elections– over working for the long term goal of peace in the Middle East. Arab foreign ministers met in Kuwait and revealed serious confusion within its ranks. There was agreement to provide Gaza with funds to rebuild. Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa said “there is a big chaos in the Arab world” which increasingly makes it difficult to have any joint action. But, joint action for peace must be the Israeli goal!

Prince Saud of Saudi Arabia who has supported peace with Israel based on the 1967 borders, warned that if the Gaza war continues it will have “serious and far-reaching implications” for the attainment of peace. Perhaps, Israel’s leadership has a plan to establish peace with Arab nations, but as of this date it is among the best kept secrets in the world.