Fry The Bastards!

I am frequently amazed at the capacity of humans to expend enormous energy over issues that have insignificant impact on their lives. We Americans possess an incredible capacity to argue over nothing, particularly about issues that will not alter our daily lives nor pose any danger to our well being. At a time when people struggle to earn more than $7.40 and hour or find a job, the leadership of our state governments are engaged in a battle to kill someone. OK, we all agree there are bad people. We all agree that bad people should go to jail. Since the US Supreme Court ruled the lethal injection death of murderer Russell Bucklew could not proceed, governors have been scrambling to find a way to kill the bad guys.

In wyoming and Utah there is talk about firing squads. Now the Tennessee Governor is arguing for the return of the electric chair. I await the cry to “hang the bastards” while a cheering crowd cries out for vengeance. Or, we could return to the days when heads were chopped off–while the crowd cheered.

It is time to reflect and reconsider. Just about every Western society has ended capital punishment. After all, we Americans were the last to accept national health insurance.

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