Full Veil In Pool? Is It A Threat To Health?

The French nation over the past twenty years has witnessed the influx of a few million Muslims from their former colonies in North Africa. Historically, the French people expected foreigners to absorb their culture and become real French citizens. It is a desirable goal, but, on occasion, it can be carried to the point of silliness. A 35 year-old French woman who converted to the Muslim religion is threatening legal action because she was evicted from a public swimming pool. She attempted to swim in a “burkini”– this means a veil, trousers, and a tunic. Regulations of the town say garments bigger than standard swimsuits, including men’s board-shorts can not be worn for hygiene reasons.

The woman argues the entire dispute “is a political problem,” not a religious one. MP Andre Gerou supported the town’s decision saying wearing a “burkini” was “ridiculous” and clearly a “militant provocation.”

I assume Muslim militants are planning to assault the French nation wearing burkinis which certainly should pose a threat to French women who wear the original bikini and show their bodies to the world. The only ridiculous aspect of this story is that only about 300 Muslim women in France wear the niqab or full veil.

I am certain that France which has survived the bikini can survive the burkini.