Fun And Games At Republican Games

Republican candidates for the presidency had another “debate.” Once again, each person on the stage endeavored to prove that he alone was a natural leader who would restore prosperity to the United States of America. Let the candidates speak for themselves:

Mitt Romney:  “I’m very proud of the fact that two of the enterprises I led were very successful.” To which Newt Gingrich responded about reports thousands of workers were fired from the enterprises that he restored to prosperity. Rick Santorum added; “Being a president is not like being a CEO.  You got to lead, to inspire.”

Ron Paul on Rick Santorum:  He referred to Santorum’s work in the Senate on behalf of large medical firms as evidence that he was a “big government person.” Naturally, Rick responded that he helped to overhaul welfare laws and why do people continue asking how he made all the money he made.

Newt was upset at remarks made by Ron Paul about the fact that he did not serve in the military during the Vietnam war. He demanded a retraction because his dad served in World War II. After all, serving in one war enables the son not to serve in a different war. Paul repeated that Newt was a “chicken hawk” and “he did not serve.”

All were in agreement that God was on their side.