Funeral Protest Law Declared Illegal

A federal judge has declared that a Michigan law which makes illegal any behavior that would “adversely affect” a funeral is illegal. Lewis and Jean Lowden were attending the funeral of Cpl. Toddy Motley who they knew and wanted to honor in death. They had an anti-Bush sign on the window of their van when a policeman halted them and prevented the couple from attending the funeral. Exactly how this sign “adversely affected” the funeral is still unclear to any intelligent person.

9/11 unleashed in this nation anger at anyone who opposed the crazy Bush war in Iraq. Ironically, today the vast majority of Americans now dislike those who SUPPORT the war in Iraq that once they regarded as important. In other words, the people they disliked in 2007 are now the people they like in 2011.

Is there a moral in this tale about prohibiting free speech?