Futility In Pakistan Proves It Is All Futile

Pakistan army leaders insist they support efforts to wipe out the Taliban. Of course it was the Pakistan secret service, the ISI, which initially created the Taliban in order to be the key player in Afghanistan once the Russians had left. It is almost two decades since the ISI began supplying the Taliban with weapons of war and the beat goes on. A new Taliban video shows its fighters executing 15 Pakistan tribal police officers on a hillside. The man are shot, then an insurgent walks along their dead bodies applying the final shot of death. Someone in the video shouts “they are the enemies of the religion of Allah.” Of course, the Taliban has made many suicide attacks inside Pakistan, but the ISI continues to protect these murderers of their own people. Why? The ISI fears if the Taliban are wiped out in Afghanistan, Indian businessmen will enter the country and gain economic control. Since Pakistan lacks a vibrant economy, they are unable to compete with India.

Afghanistan is simply another Pakistan front in the war against India. Until Pakistan’s military leaders realize their enemy lies not to the east, but to the west, the entire fight in Afghanistan is futile and will go on and on. Sorry, Mr. President, your famous General Petraeus is not a military genius and the solution does not lie in military actions, but in helping Pakistan create a vibrant economy.