G-8 Blasted For Lying To Africa On Aid!

The G-8 nations came under heavy fire from critics who charge the industrial powers continually make promises about large amounts of aid to under developed nations but the rhetoric is not always accompanied by action. President Robert Zoellick of the World Bank, says “when the G-8 leaders make various commitments, it’s important to have a monitoring system.. countries need to deliver on their promises.” In 2005, they pledged $25 billion to Africa, in 2007, they pledged $70 billion to Africa, but there is scant evidence even the majority of such money has ever been delivered. A group founded by Bono, estimates only $3 billion of the 2005 amount ever reached Africa. Charles Abeni of Oxfam says it is common to pledge money for one thing and then shift the emphasis to another.

Perhaps, it is time to draw upon the experience of the Marshall Plan of 1947 which enabled Europe to recover from the devastation of WWII. The Marshall Plan was based on nations coming together, developing plans that included cooperation, and then presenting their ideas for funding. Africa needs a 21st century Marshall Plan. Perhaps, it called by called the Mandela Plan. Such an approach would force African nations to cooperate and share resources. The current system is going nowhere.