G-8 Leaders Blast Mbeki Failure In Zimbabwe

President Mbeki of South Africa was subjected to a blistering attack from G-8 leaders for his abject failure to act in the role of mediator regarding the situation in Zimbabwe where his close friendship with President Mugabe has made him blind to the violence that has ripped apart the nation. In heated exchanges by President Bush, Chancellor Merkel of Germany and Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada, the South African leader was told he failed to do his job as mediator and unless things changed for the better, G-8 nations will institute economic sanctions against his close friend, Mugabe.

In Zimbabwe, Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa told the press representatives of the Movement for Democratic Change had agreed to talks under the supervision of President Mbeki. “We have received communication that they are ready for a resumption of inter-party talks.” However, Morgan Tsvangirai, head of MDC has made clear there will be no talks until violence ends against members of his group.