G8 Summit To Emphasize Nuclear Energy

The upcoming summit meeting of G8 powers is expected to sharpen the focus on peaceful development of nuclear energy by supporting a dramatic expansion in the number of nuclear plants in order to respond to recent developments in the rise of oil. There is also a growing belief nuclear energy is a viable tool in confronting issues of global warming. As part of the new strategy, it is expected the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) will assume a more aggressive role in monitoring nuclear development all over the world.

The IAEA currently is struggling to persuade Iran to cooperate and allow it to monitor nuclear development activities within that nation. But, nuclear energy can only be one aspect of any global fight to deal with global warming. China and India are rapidly assuming a negative role in global emissions and must be persuaded to halt some of their habits of not controlling emissions. There is need for a comprehensive plan of action which includes both existing and potentially new developments which can break dependency on oil and make the world safer regarding global warming.