Gaddafi And Theater Of Absurd!

The little colonel from Libya is either an excellent actor or one confused man. One day he orders a cease fire, the next day he orders his troops to advance only to be followed by another cease fire and so on. US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton raised the issue of Gaddafi’s goals in a rather confusing manner. “We’ve heard about other people close to him reaching out to people that they know around the world.. saying… What do we do next? How do we get out of this? What happens next?” In other words, she really doesn’t know if Gaddfi is an actor on a political stage whose goal is sowintg confusion in the world or whether the man actually does not have a clue what to do next?

A problem in being dictator for four decades is the only reality one knows is the reality in one’s mind. Gaddafi knows little about the world in terms of reality, he knows much about the world of Libya, as he sees it.

We await the next cease fire which will be followed by another cease fire.