Gaddafi Dead, Now What?

The National Transition Council of Libya is now the government of this nation which had been ruled by a ruthless dictator for over forty years. People are celebrating in the streets, guns are being fired in the air, and dancing occurs as men dance with men and some men actually dance with some women.  Ah, the delight of ridding one’s country of a tyrant. In America, Republican candidates for the presidency are complaining that either President Obama did too much or he did too little to assist this outcome. In other words, regardless of what Obama does, it is wrong according to Republican theology.

But, dawn will soon break in Libya. The question now is do those with weapons turn them into the new government or do they use their weapons to overthrow the new government? Dawn has come. Does it herald in a Sharia law clerical run government or does it respect the right of people to make their own religious decisions? Dawn has come. Does it mean al-Qaeda now has power or does it mean the new Libya will be a bastion against terrorism?

Always remember, after dawn comes a dark night!