Gaddafi Gags Over Blonde Woman Comment

Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has been running the country for nearly four decades and there is scant evidence he has created an Arabian dream for its inhabitants. His latest burst of fury emerged from reading Wikileaks documents which reported what the American ambassador to Libya said about the two bit thug who has money, but not too much in the brain department. Ambassador Gene Cretz has been summoned home after Gaddafi became furious at comments from the American diplomat who made reference to the “blonde voluptuous” Ukranian nurse who is a companion in more ways than one to the boss man of Libya. Of course, some men might take it as a compliment if they were described as making out with a gorgeous woman, but Gaddafi apparently doesn’t grasp most people in his country know all about the relationship.

There are indications Gaddafi was also upset at comments by Cretz pertaining to his fear of flying over water or staying on the top floors of hotels. Heck, Muammar, many of us fear high places, it is just a normal human reaction. But, then again, if you are a dictator for decades, it is against the law to make any comment about a fear of a man who portrays himself as fearless!

  • sidi mohammed

    Title: The whole world is not with MUAMMAR GADDAFI But God (S.H.T.) is with him

    MUAMMAR GADDAFI the best and most respected president of AFRICA May God continue to guard, save and protect the well blessed president of Libya and the entire people of Libya. When Gaddafi COLLAPSE, Libya collapse when Libya collapse Africa COLLAPSE. The US and UN wanted to do Libya what they did to Iraq and Afghanistan, killing them and looting their Oil resource. By God Grace that will never happen to Libya, God is with them.

    Libya is not like Egypt or Tunisia, Libya is a rich country and the people of Libya enjoy their natural resources. No African country that its people enjoy their natural resource (Oil) like Libya. Everything is free for the citizens, Eg: Education, Accommodation Vehicles, Electricity, Water, Farms, Salary. And much more…

    So you see if Gaddafi goes Libya is finished. May Allah Guard and protect MUAMMAR GADDAFI from his enemies and the enemies of Libya progress.
    I call on all the great people of Libya don’t allowed the international community, and Aljazeera false report to separate you. You see what happened to Iraq, Afghanistan, and others always killing, raped, and …

    Aljazeera showing some part of Egypt protest and claim is in Libya. US have already sanctions Libya. But with all this if God say no nobody say yes. Let MUAMMAR GADDAFI Enemies stay long and see that nothing In sha- Allah will happen to him, except what come from Allah. (S.H.T.)

    Libya is one people, one nation, one religion,
    Sidi Mohammed (Ag) Ahmed Zaidan
    We supporter Muammar GADDAFI