Gaddafi Got To Go

Head thug man of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, has been an absolute ruler for so long that reality is very difficult for him to grasp. Throughout the past thirty years if he said it was raining on a sunny day, then damn well you had better agree that sunshine was rain. Muammar invited foreign journalists to inspect the peaceful land of Libya on the assumption they would see and hear what he sees and hears. His son told them not to mistake the sound of fireworks that celebrate his father’s rule for the sound of gunfire since it was difficult to restrain the joy of people in this land of milk and honey from expressing love for his dad. However, as journalists went through the streets of Tripoli they witnessed snipers killing unarmed people, barricades thrown up by opponents and in talks with doctors were told they had seen hundreds of dead and wounded bodies which arrived at the hospital only to be taken away in order to prove they never existed.

If journalists remain in the capital they soon will hear the sound of more and more fireworks since an army of a least 2,000 soldiers is marching on the capital. I have a hunch they will not be setting off fireworks. Muammar, ye have tarried too long, depart!