Gaddafi Hero To Security Agencies!

I realize there are millions of people who do not like Muammar Gaddafi, but he  did have supporters in the CIA, British intelligence and other assorted anti-terrorism agencies throughout the world. If an American intelligence group had a man they claimed was a “terrorist” and did not wish to break laws of the United States, there was always good old Muammar who was more than willing to supply a cell and some guys who would rip out finger nails or beat the hell out of the suspect. It is now clear there was a “rendition” program operating in which American and British intelligence supplied the “terrorists” and Gaddafi supplied the torture.

Jack Straw, who was foreign secretary in the Blair administration, now argues, “no foreign secretary can know all the details of what its intelligence agencies are doing.” Absolutely right. Bush, Obama or whoever is president of the US should not be expected to know if people are torturing during their administration. Rip out the finger nails, douse the guy with cold water, don’t let him sleep, and we can guarantee that at some point, the “terrorist” will admit to being one. Score one for torture!