Gaddafi-Human Rights Hero?

American hypocrisy in the Middle East is a nonstop series of supporting tyrants only to eventually decide the good guy is really a bad guy and the bad guy is really a good one. Human Rights Watch(HRW) accused the United States government of water torture of Libyan alleged terrorists who after being water boarded in secret CIA jails were turned over to dictator Muammar Gaddafi for further torture. HRW says US claims that “only” three such people were sent to Libya.

Hogwash. HRW has documents seized when Gaddafi was overthrown which prove that a few dozen opponents of Gaddafi were captured by American forces, tortured by the CIA and then sent to Libya to be tortured by the man Americans eventually claimed was a dictator and tyrant. We Americans  delivered opponents  to Gaddafi on a silver platter because they were militant Muslims who hated a man they regarded as anti-Muslim.

The sad aspect of this situation is a decision by US Attorney General Eric Holder not to prosecute anyone for war crimes. He simply wants to forgive and forget those who tortured and abused human rights. After all, we don’t want to upset Republicans. Now, if these folks had smoked an ounce of  marijuana Mr. Holder would demand punishment for breaking drug laws!!