President Jacob Zuma of South Africa made a trip to Libya in order to discuss peace issues with Muammar Gaddafi. Zuma was bringing the African Union proposal which calls for a cease fire and a follow up dialogue. Zuma was told by Gaddafi that he wanted and end to bombing and some sort of discussion. However, the little colonel made clear to the South African leader, “he emphasized that he was not prepared to leave the country, despite the difficulties.” Even as this talk was proceeding sounds of bombs and destruction echoed outside as NATO planes continued their destruction of Libya’s infrastructure. China got into the act by offering mediation and an end to violence. The Chinese government strongly supports discussions between people holding opposing views–of course, they mean such discussions that occur outside of China.

Reality is there can not be discussions with this thug and murderer. Muammar Gaddafi is going to leave Libya–the only questions are–when, why and how?