Gaddafi Just One Of Guys

Seif al-Islam, son of the man who has ruled Libya for over thirty years, is upset at the world media for attempting to prove there is fighting going on in his country. He does not believe anyone has been killed, aside from a few automobile accidents that left a few people injured, but as far as stories about fighting and dead bodies, “give me the evidence. Yes, we deny this. Go anywhere” in the country and find a single example of Libyan soldiers killing their own citizens. OK, when pushed, he did admit “there is a problem in the east, we have to admit. But, the east is only twenty percent of the country.” He does have a point, the east is in the east and the rest of the country is in the west. That is definitely an accurate statement by the son of the Libyan ruler.

When pushed, Seif did admit, “there are some terrorist groups, small numbers.” And, when you check them out it becomes clear their existence is due to the Mossad or the CIA or one of those lettered outfits. Seif wants to make the world understand, “we have no intention of being a ruling family.” After all, it is quite normal for one man to rule for over thirty years, that does not indicate the presence of a ruling family. It just shows how much the people of Libya like him. That, and only that, is the reason they fire all those weapons at him. It is just a way to celebrate his existence as the beloved ruler!