Gaddafi Solution In Yemen?

For weeks, the winds of change have whirled through the Middle East sending incumbent dictators scurrying for the nearest exist. A new wind of change is beginning to whirl through the Middle East and this time it comes from the east. Muammar Gaddafi has employed his armed forces to kill and destroy any group which dares oppose his control over the nation. Where President Mubarak or the leaders of Tunisia left quietly without resorting to armed force, President Ali Abdullah Saleh apparently has learned from Gaddafi that if military leaders will join with a dictator, they can employ armed force in order to quell demonstrations. As thousands gathered in Yemen’s capital city, Sanaa, for their dawn prayers, members of the army and security forces also gathered. Only their message was not directed to God, but to those daring to oppose the dictator. They stormed the prayer meeting firing gas grenades and live bullets. Several people were killed and the rest had to flee the scene.

Unless Muammar Gaddafi is halted–NOW– his bug of murder and violence will spread to other petty rulers.