Gaddafi Unleashes Mercenaries

The legacy of Bush’s invasion of Iraq lays heavy on the souls of American leaders who fear any association with the US sending military assistance to an Arab force. Libyan rebels lack heavy equipment like tanks and Gaddafi most probably still retains access to more planes than do rebel forces in the east. There appears to be a growing inclination on the part of rebels in east Libya to request assistance from US and NATO forces. They probably seek equipment, assistance in training their highly motivated soldiers and food and medical supplies. Frankly, most of these requests could be done via a covert operation to prevent Muammar from yelling, “imperialists.” At this point, the best approach is through clandestine operations and as casualties rise among the rebels many Arabs might accept the use of American supplies and equipment as well as a no fly zone.

Unfortunately the president of the United States is a man named Barack Obama who never met a crisis in which he made a decisive decision. Waiting for him to take action is akin to Waiting for Godot. He will dither as people are dathered to pieces. We have still another example of failure to speak honestly to the American people.