Gaddafi–Ye Have Tarried Too Long, Depart!

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has attempted to use his position as leader of an important Muslim country to work for peace in the region. Erdogan contacted Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi over the past two months and urged him to step aside in order to end violence. “Muammar Gaddafi, instead of taking our suggestions into account, refraining from shedding blood or seeking for ways to maintain the territorial unity of Libya, chose blood, tears, oppression and attacks on his own people.” Erdogan believes failure to seek compromise and peace had endangered the existence of the nation of Libya.

He urged, “now at this stage the thing that needs to be done is Muammar Gaddafi to immediately step down from power he holds in Libya.” Erdogan is not a tool of the West, he is a fellow Muslim. Unfortunately, Muammar Gaddafi is as much a loyal Muslim as he is a believer in poverty and sexual restraint. Gaddafi has a rendevous with death– and it will arrive sooner than he believes possible.