Games Or Gays?

It is about time that President Barack Obama finally lived up to his belief that his administration will fight for human rights and the place to begin this struggle is in Russia where Bully Boy Vladimir Putin is conducting a war against gays. Russia issued a law that bans the “propaganda of nontraditonal sexual relations” and imposes fines for spreading any idea which states support for gay rights. The Winter Games will begin in Sochi and it gay rights supporters want the Olympic Committee to demand from Russia suspension of this law while games are in progress. It would also help if President Obama banned American participation in the Games if anti-gay laws were on the books. Human Rights Watch and Human Rights Campaign are demanding the corporations withdraw support for the Games unless the ban on free speech is lifted.

It would also be nice if Vladimir Putin had to back down on his anti-gay policies, even for a moment. No gay or gay supporter at the Games should be placed under such stress. Barack, finally stand up for human rights instead of just talking about them!