Gang Rape OK In Sweden

Every so often one encounters a story which makes absolutely no sense other that bigotry and hatred are still alive against women on planet Earth. A fifteen year old girl in Sweden was assaulted and raped by five teens who were between the ages of 15 and 17 while at a party. Oh, another boy was on hand to ensure that each boy had a condom. At least the rapists believed in safe sex. The boys were initially convicted of rape but a higher court ruled the prosecutor’s claim the girl was in an “incapacitated state” was incorrect. This court argued the girl could have resisted the rape if only she fought back!!

Protestors from a feminist network, Femen, entered the Svea Court of Appeals, bared their chests and showed breasts to the judges who insist 15 year old girls can fight back against teen age boys if they do not want to be raped. The case will be appealed by prosecutors.

Question: What does it take to get a rape conviction in Sweden?? Death?