Garbage In, Garbage Out, Ancient Story!

A researcher from Uppsala University in Sweden spent several years examining inscriptions on ancient rune stones which are found all over Scandinavia, and concluded that many of the writings were simply gibberish. He believes many of the inscriptions were written by people who could not write, but wanted to show off by writing something that their ideas were worth something, even if they did not say anything. According to Marco Bianchi, “what was important was showing that you could write.” Most rune stones are found in northern areas of Sweden, but he also discovered many examples in Denmark. The runic alphabets area set of related alphabets using letters known as runes to write various Germanic languages prior to the adoption of the Latin alphabet. They date back to about 1000 A.D.

I suspect a thousand years from now when researchers examine what is written and spoken on media outlets like FOX News they will conclude there were many people living in ancient times in 2010 who spoke and wrote absolute gibberish. In theory, they were expressing an idea, but what emerged made absolutely no sense in terms of logic or rationality. It is believed in those ancient times, idiots roamed the halls of FOX News yelling and screaming words that outwardly conveyed meaning, but upon closer examination, they simply were tales told by idiots full of sound and fury, signifying– Nothing!