Gates Sees Progress In Afghanistan

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on his recent visit to Afghanistan saw progress in the fight against Taliban forces. Of course, the day before he spoke about progress, General David Petraeus told the media there was evidence of a growth in force among the Taliban. Back in Washington D.C. the president told the nation since we had completed the job in Iraq–or, at least, sort of finished something– we are now on the path of beginning withdrawal of some troops from Afghanistan next summer. We can only assume President Barack Obama will accept the verdict as to whether or not the Taliban are on the run from anyone who expresses the opinion the Taliban are on the run. Step back for a moment. The war in Afghanistan has been going on for NINE YEARS. Reality is that former president George Bush fouled up by not focusing on Afghanistan and placing our forces in Iraq which simply led to SEVEN YEARS of war.

There is NO evidence of great progress in Afghanistan. In making this statement one is not insulting members of the armed forces. They have been thrust into a failed situation and are doing admirable work, but problems stem from other sources. An outside Christian military can not defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan. Our basic problem is the inept, failed government of President Karzai. Either that government is reformed or we should be heading home the coming January. That, is REALITY.