Gates: Smaller Is Better!

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates made clear it was time for the Pentagon to become serious concerning American military expenditures. The head of China’s armed forces admitted his nation’s military was not capable of competing with the United States armed forces, but we still have aircraft carrier fleets and thousands of planes to fight against non-existent enemies. NO airforce in the world can seriously compete with our fighter planes or bombers, let alone our thousands of helicopters, but we continue developing new and more expensive fighter planes. Russia today is NOT the Soviet Union. As Gates put it: “we’re not going to see a return to Cold War level defense budgets. The money and political support simply aren’t there.”

But, more important is the need to recast the American military into a 21st century fighting force that is mobile, and able to confront guerrilla warfare style of fighting. Gates identified the issue: “people need to make conscious choices about what the implications are for the security of our country.”