Gathering Of Money

One would have to return to the nineteenth century in order to encounter such blatant power by the wealthy to control the United States of America. The Koch boys, Sheldon Aldeson, and dozens of other millionaires have committed to raising at least $400 million for the election of Mitt Romney to the presidency of this nation. In the nineteenth century these wealthy folk could readily purchase a seat in the US Senate since state legislatures elected this person. Today, the wealthy must purchase TV ad time and hire thousands to get out the message that the purpose of having a government in to increase wealth of those who are wealthy.

One wonders about liberal millionaires like Buffet or Gates. Do the wealthy with some form of social conscience have the desire to challenge their conservative opponents and raise $400 million? Heck Buffet and Gates each have over $30 billion. I realize they want to help end poverty with their money, but how about ending wealthy conservative plans to plunder this nation?

Brother, can you spare  billion?