Gay Boy Scout Plot Revealed!!

I simply do not  know how Chuck Norris discovered the secret plot  of President Barack Obama to transform the Boy Scouts of America into the Gay Boy Scouts of America, but since he has blown the president’s cover, we are now free to reveal the entire story. Here is an excerpt from the secret document we discovered that details a conversation between Obama and James Turley, a Board member of the Boy Scouts of America.

Obama:  James, so happy to see you today. I trust this meeting will conclude with gay news for all.

Turley:  Thank you, Mr. President. I am here to service all of your gay needs.

Obama:  Jim, we will come to the gay needs later on, right now, the question is -how do we get all Boy Scouts to become gay and happy?

Turley: We have to blow this one off by making certain leaders of boy scout troops give each boy a taste of being gay.

Obama:  Go to it, give the boys a gay old time.

Now,Chuck, how did you discover: “but is Turleyj working on his own initiative or has the White House prodded him with perks and favors?”

Chuck, would you like to get a gay moment with the president? I can arrange one.